Information literacy and autonomy : a cognitive view

Winfried Gödert, Klaus Lepsky
Information literacy and autonomy : a cognitive view
Berlin: De Gruyter Saur, 2023. XII, 229 S.

Information literacy and autonomy have become key values for the image of man in a society that is increasingly shaped by digitalization and artificial intelligence. The purpose of this book is to describe abstraction, analogy, inference, plausibility and creativity as basic skills of cognitive information processing and prerequisites for autonomous informational action.


1 Information Technology and the Human Image
2 Cognitive Information and Knowledge Processing
3 Externalization and Reception of Information
4 Elements of Informational Literacy
5 Informational Literacy in Action
6 Informational Literacy as Lived Informational Autonomy
7 Informational Autonomy at Risk
8 Closure